Nurtured by the simple and impeccable style of the RF Hotel Group and mingled with the classics of the 1970s, the Zheng Yi Branch appeals to you with a fresh look in 2017.

This Branch is conveniently located at the business trade circle of the Sanchong District, New Taipei, Taiwan, along the main route for commuting between Taipei and the localities of Xinzhuang, Luzhou and Sanchong of New Taipei. It is just minutes away from Metropolitan Taipei and in proximity of the Taipei Bridge Station of the Taipei Rapid Transit Yellow Line (Zhonghe and Xinlu Line) and the Sanchong Junction. There are several bus routes with stops right in front of the hotel that make traveling to the Shilin night market, the Grand Hotel, the Taipei Municipal Government, Ximen Square, and Taipei 101 easy by bus or by rapid transit train. Facilities for entertaining and sightseeing spots are in the vicinity. The busy and vivid Sanhe night market is within walking distance, it offers you a wide array of exotic snacks. This hotel is absolutely your first choice for lodgings.

The interior decoration of the hotel is lively and refined, it gives an air of the 1970s. You can completely relax inside. The space inside is subtly arranged and each room features a specific theme, such as stationary room, princess room, star light room, and LEGO room. You will be caught by surprise once you are inside.

We ask for your support and applause whole-heartedly, whether you spend the night with us for business or for pleasure. RF Hotel Grade 6 Class 2 Store (Sanchong Zhengyi Branch) is your choice second to none. You are invited to our place to explore Taipei in its entirety and to make unforgettable memories.

* The hotel is a smoke free area under law.

For our fellow pupils that we have known for 38 years, we dream of our reunion sometime after our graduation from primary school 25 years ago.
In that last quarter of a century, we could imagine going back to those days only in our dreams… We still have one another deep in our hearts irrespective of the change in time…
Time flies and space is twisted; At the very moment of the spark, the flame in our hearts ignited once again!

Communication software like Facebook and Line linked 22 estranged old friends together once more…

This was how RF Zheng Yi Primary School Grade 6 Class 2 RF Hotel was born!

In the e-Era, ceaseless innovation for creativity is an irreversible trend. For us, those in the generation of mid-1970s, the memory of childhood is simply unforgettable and valuable. Let us go back to those days together at Zheng Yi Branch…